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Hi friends! I'll be using this page to keep everyone updated on all things face masks. Things like new stock, shipping/production updates, reviews etc.. This page will be the most up to date compared to all the product pages. Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below!


Sewn and Dropped Off at USPS // 2 to 4 days
Time to Receive // 4 to 7 business days after being dropped off at USPS
Please Note // It looks like a lot of shipments are being delayed up to 7 days past the delivery date due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please be patient with USPS as they work to safely deliver everyone's orders!

FAQs (Updated As They Arise)

Size of Pocket? // Height of slots on the left/right are ~2.5 inches. Tallest point in the center is ~3.5 inches. Entire length of mask is ~6.5 inches.
Nose Wire? // These do not have nose wires, but they are sewn in a way that curves the nose area to your face.

Fit? // These are sewn to be fitted for most faces, so they'll actually fit a little snugger/smaller than most of the larger looking one-size-fit-alls you'll see.

They are sewn to be more aesthetically pleasing while still covering the necessary areas. There is an example photo of actual fit in all the listings! It's the same one across all (the one that I personally wear out often) due to not wanting to contaminate any of the masks being sold.

Where are these made? // These are all handmade by me personally here in Fort Worth, TX. I curate and source the fabric from other small shops like myself across the US!

I sew and ship as fast as my fingers/sanity will let me. 😄 And if I can't sew them quickly, then I'll reach out to you and let you know. You won't be left wondering when your order will ship!

Fabric/Materal? // Exteriors are cotton canvas, which is slightly thicker and more durable than normal cotton, but still breathable. Interiors are linen with the colors varying between light gray, natural/tan, and white. You may even get lucky and receive an interior with a subtle metallic shimmer!

The ear loops are made from a stretchy spandex nylon. Similar to hair ties, but way softer and will hold their elasticity longer. I tie them in a loose balloon knot that can be retied if needed. The colors vary between black and white depending on what I can source.

Washable? // Yes! In order to better maintain the shape and prevent shrinkage. Please consider hand washing, or machine washing on gentle with cold water. Then, dry on low heat or lay flat to dry.

Medical Grade? // These are not medical grade, nor are they PPE. They are also not FDA or MHRA approved. They are not intended to replace N95 masks or be used in medical field. Masks purchased from this site have no claims of medical benefit and should be considered a fashion accessory.  


The majority of the masks are limited stock and I only have 10-15 per style! Sometimes I'm able to restock a style if it's super popular and still available from my stockists, but the majority of the time once it's out, it's out! So grab the one you love while it's available! 💕

Live on the Site! Embroidered Kitty - I'll be adding an option to include an embroidered kitty on all options for only $1 more.
Live on the Site! Kids Mask Size - I'll be adding an option for a kid's size on all options. Kid's size masks will be the same price as the adult size since I'm using a very similar amount of fabric with the same amount of sew time.
Late May
(Dusk Solid)
Late May
(Colorful Flowers/Tan)

Late May

(Pink Paint Brush)

Late May/Early June

(Flower Burst on Black)






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