Fitted, Pleated, Origami - Handmade Face Mask Comparison

With all the different styles of handmade face masks available online, how do you choose which one is right for you? According to the CDC website, these 6 factors are important when considering home/handmade fabric masks:

Make sure your cloth face covering:

  • fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • completely covers the nose and mouth
  • is secured with ties or ear loops
  • includes multiple layers of fabric
  • allows for breathing without restriction
  • can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

All fabric masks made here at PlatterCats are sewn with premium, tightly woven cotton, linen, and canvas fabrics that include all 6 factors + filter pockets to add an additional layer. You just have to decide which style is right for you! 

Fitted Face Masks
Pleated Face Masks
Origami/3D Face Masks

The Look

Fitted face masks are one of the more stylish options with a curve that extends down from the nose to create a more natural look.

The Look

Pleated face masks cover more of your face and provide more coverage than fitted masks.

The Look

Origami (or boat or 3d style) masks are just as stylish, if not more stylish than the fitted masks.

The top curve extends up from middle area, the middle area is slightly protruded (thus the 3D name) and the bottom area curves down from the middle to create a seamless look.

The Fit

Fitted masks curve to the shape of your face and are the least customizable, but easiest on/off.

The top of the mask curves towards the nose to create just enough closure to stay, but not completely seal.

The bottom of the mask sits right at the base of the chin. Some will cover more than others depending on your face shape. 

Minimal to medium chin coverage. 

Overall Coverage Level - Medium/High

The Fit

Pleated masks have a nose wire to better mold the top of the mask to your face. Highly customizable to fits a wide variety of faces.

The bottom of the mask can be extended as far below your chin as the pleats will allow.

Full chin coverage.

Overall Coverage Level - High/Very High

The Fit

Origami style masks have both a top and bottom curve to seal in both areas.

Each area can be extended and shaped to better mold to your face. Highly customizable to fit a wide variety of faces.

Medium to full chin coverage.

Overall Coverage Level - Very High

The Seal


The Seal

More Snuggly

The Seal

Very Snuggly


Stylish, but least amount of chin coverage compared to pleated and origami.

Can fall often if you're speaking a lot. 

Easily stays out of your eyes.

Ideal for short outings/wear.

2nd Favorite


Max coverage, lightweight, great as covers.

Even with a nose wire, it can sit a little too close to the eye area if you're sensitive.

Stays in place with lots of talking.

Ideal for short or long outings/wear.

3rd Favorite


Max coverage, stylish shape, most snug seal. Ideal for those looking for both style and seal.

Stays in place with lots of talking. Generally stays the most out of your mouth.

Ideal for long outings/wear. 

1st Favorite 


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I've chosen the origami style as my favorite due to how comfortable it is to wear and how the interior fabric stays away from my mouth so I'm not constantly chomping/breathing in/on fabric. I also like how well it seals to my face compared to the other two styles! For a while, I was wearing the fitted style the most due to how quickly I could put it on and take it off, but I've now moved away from most of those in favor of the roomy origami style.  

PlatterCats is always trying to keep up with the latest cloth face mask requirements to keep everyone safe and cute. Please feel free to add any suggestions or comments below or message @plattercats on social media about how to improve these! I'm all ears! 😸

Stay Safe,
Amanda with PlatterCats Creative

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