Purrchase for a Cause - 2021 Donations

A new donation structure for the new year!

A few months into Purrchase for a Cause, I started having a tough time keeping up with monthly product updates that coordinated with the organization or cause (that's why I only donated every few months vs every month). Sewing was keeping me very busy!

In order to better manage the time I have going forward and still be able to donate to local organizations in need, I've decided to donate 3-8% of the shop's total monthly proceeds vs. only having specific products donate (the 3-8% fluctuation will depend on how well the shop is doing that month and how much I can afford to donate).

Tracking one total overall vs keeping track of every order's specific donation amount is a massive time saver for me! That and everyone that supports PlatterCats, now supports local DFW organizations in need.

I'll update this blog post every month with the donation tally! Donations are made at the end of the month with the previous month's totals.

Donations for 2021

Month Organization  Donation
Jan Dallas Pets Alive! $67.56
Feb Orchid Giving Circle $71.85
Mar AAPI Community Fund $100.00
April TBD Currently Collecting


Donations for 2020

Month Organization  Donation
June-July allgo $125.00
Aug-Sept Second Chance SPCA $170.00
Oct-Dec Mental Health America of Greater Dallas $74.00


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