Purrchase for a Cause - August/September - Second Chance SPCA

We raised $170!! 💕

NOTE: Any prior month's products will be left up and still available for purchase, but the donations will instead be going towards whoever the current month’s organization is at the time. 

I’d rather you guys still have the option to purchase, support, and donate vs. just removing the items from the store. Donations will always go towards a good cause! It might not be related to what the product is, but you’ll still help another cause in need.

Help support a cause in need by purrchasing select cause-focused PlatterCat's products. These special edition cause-focused products will donate 30% of the product's cost to Texas organizations in need. For example, if you purrchase $30 worth of Second Chance SPCA focused products, then $9.00 of that will be donated. 

PlatterCat's August & September Purrchase for a Cause focuses on animal adoption and supporting a local no-kill animal shelter.

Second Chance SPCA

Second Chance SPCA's mission:
Second Chance SPCA’s Mission is to rescue dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia from municipal shelters and provide them with quality care in a compassionate, no-kill environment until adopted into responsible, caring homes.

Second Chance SPCA's motto
"Every dog and every cat deserves a Second Chance"

Second Chance SPCA's Main Goals

  • To provide immediate safe shelter for our rescued animals where they stay until they are ready to be placed for adoption
  • To provide up to date vaccinations and spaying and neutering services for our rescued animals
  • To help keep people with their pets by donating food and helping them find low cost veterinary clinics

  • To educate the public about proper animal care and pet overpopulation

August/September Special Edition Purroducts


View & Download the Flyer Here or Read Below >

We're officially partnering with Second Chance SPCA with this giveaway to raise donation money for the shelter, offer you cute kitty things, plus enter you for a chance to win! You'll get to choose from one of these four (portrait, embroidered mask, keychain, or stickers) custom kitty designs! There are TWO ways to enter:


Enter your kitty into Second Chance SPCA's Online Kitty Fashion Show! 

Submit a photo of your kitty being fancy! This can be anything from fancy with a hat/clothes/costume, fancy in a pose, or anything you think makes your kitty fancy! Second Chance SPCA will share your kitty on their Facebook page or PlatterCats's page and place your photo into an album (plattercats.link/vote) where everyone can enjoy their fancy and show love for their faves. 

Donate $5/$10/$15 here on the site (100% of these contest entry donations will go to Second Chance SPCA) or head over to Second Chance SPCA's Facebook page to donate more than $15 and post there. If you're donating via Facebook/PayPal, then be sure to leave a note with your donation that it's for the contest! 

$5 - 1 Prize Entry  /  $10 - 2 Prize Entries  /  $15 - 3 Prize Entries / Continues to increase in increments of $5!

This option will donate 100% of your donation.


Purrchase any select cause-focused PlatterCat's products!

This includes all cause-focused products from last month too, not just this months! The number of products you purchase will equal the amount of entries you'll receive! For example, 2 stickers = 2 entries, 1 keychain = 1 entry.

This option will donate 30% of the products cost to Second Chance SPCA.

You can also do both! Multiple kitties/donations/entries accepted! :) 

The grand prize winner of their very own custom kitty is chosen from random draw. Additionally, the photo with most likes gets free buttons and stickers from  fellow artist @jgonzalez_draws! See those here below. It's a contest in a contest! 😸


We'll do the drawing at the end of the month on August 31st and will share the winner on both PlatterCats and Second Chance SPCA's social accounts! Good luck to everyone!! 💕

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Come back at the end of September or follow @plattercats to see a screenshot of the total amount donated.

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