Purrchase for a Cause - October/November/December - Mental Health America of Greater Dallas

We raised $74!! 💕

Help support a cause in need by purrchasing select cause-focused PlatterCat's products. These special edition cause-focused products will donate 30% of the product's cost to Texas organizations in need. For example, if you purrchase $30 worth of MHA focused products, then $9.00 of that will be donated. 

PlatterCat's October - December Purrchase for a Cause focuses on stopping the stigma around mental health


Mental Health America of Greater Dallas

MHA's Mission to Stop the Stigma

Stigma is the largest single barrier to mental health treatment – it keeps people with severe mental illness isolated and presents challenges to anyone seeking to improve their mental health. Stigma is not always from other people. Self-stigma is also a concern for many people struggling with mental health issues.

MHA Dallas rejects stigma and asks all members of the community to:

  • Be careful with language use. Always refer to the person first, never the disease
  • Confront stigmatizing language, bullying and images when seen
  • Keep the individual in mind and assure to include various perspectives by adding people with a mental illness to planning teams or committees
  • Foster connections between people who have illnesses and those who don’t

Stand together to help make a difference in combating the mental health stigma and reduce its impact in your area.

October/November Special Edition Purroducts

I’ve created a handful of kitty emotions that express a range of feels. All emotions are justified and it’s okay to not be okay. I’ve never been someone with a large voice or opinion in public situations and little things like these help better convey how I’m feeling, or at least help start a conversation. 💕

Kitty Feels Pins or Magnets


Framed 4x4 Prints


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