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Must Have Cat Inspired Delights from PlatterCats!

Must Have Cat Inspired Delights from PlatterCats!

Hello, fellow kawaii cat enthusiasts and lovers of all things cute! 🐾✨ We're here to whisk you away into a world of cute with the latest and greatest from PlatterCats – your go-to destination for irresistibly adorable cat doodle inspired delights! Here's our top 4!

1 ) Cat Egg Toast Mug – Breakfast Bliss! 🍳☕

Start your day with a purr-fect blend of charm and caffeine. PlatterCats' Cat Egg Toast Mug is a delightful ode to breakfast joy. Crafted with love, this mug features an adorable cat as a sunny-side-up egg toast – the ideal companion for your morning brew.

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cute cat mug, kawaii cat breakfast, adorable cat drinkware

2 ) Bento Box Cat Glittery Tumbler – Sip in Style! 🍱✨

Elevate your hydration game with the Bento Box Cat Glittery Tumbler. This sparkly sensation combines the charm of a cat-themed bento box with a touch of glittery magic. Stay hydrated in style and let the world witness your love for all things cute and kawaii!

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glitter cat tumbler, cute bento box drinkware, kawaii cat cup

3 ) Juice Box Cat Tote – Carry Cuteness Everywhere! 🧃👜

Embrace the whimsy on the go with the Juice Box Cat Cotton Canvas Tote. This spacious and durable tote features a transparent cat-shaped juice box design, complete with a tail-straw! Carry your essentials with flair and let your love for adorable felines shine bright.

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cute cat tote bag, kawaii juice box cat, adorable canvas tote

4 ) Gardening Cat Pocket T-Shirt – Green-Thumbed Fashion! 🌿👕

Express your love for gardening and feline friends with the Gardening Cat Pocket T-Shirt. Our green-thumbed cat, dressed in overalls and a hat, pulls a wagon of veggies and flowers. This tee is a wearable masterpiece, combining comfort with a touch of gardening charm.

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cute cat pocket tee, kawaii gardening cat shirt, adorable cat fashion

Ready to immerse yourself in the charm of PlatterCats? Explore these delightful items and make every day an adventure in cuteness. Don't miss out – hop on over to and let the feline fun begin!

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