Hi there! I'm Amanda, the sole creative goofball and illustrator behind PlatterCats Creative.

My journey began with an unhealthy obsession with cats and a desire to share that obsession with others. PlatterCats is inspired by a mixture of my own two kitty companions, a brain dump of pop culture, food cravings, and of course, my love of all things kawaii.

Your support helps sustain my small business dreams and the continued magic
of PlatterCats! Thank you for being part of the journey! 🐱✨

  • Hi! It me, Amanda, with senior business partner #1, Sammi! 🌟 He's our expurrt supervisor who ensures that every illustration meets his rigorous standards of cute!

  • Business partner #2 is Jiji, the mischief-maker, who brings a touch of spicy sass to the workspace.

Me IRL at My Booths!

  • This was one of my first artist alleys! I made the food truck out of foamcore and stored product on cube shelves behind it.

  • This is one of my taller booths! It's a little mini-shop! Also made from foamcore with shelves hidden behind it.

  • Smaller version of my initial food truck at an outdoor event at night.

  • One of my first outdoor shows! I hand painted the backdrops.

  • A closer view of my food truck display.

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